Introduction to HTCC Excavation Project

Here’s a review of the first results about HTCC excavation project. The archaeological and anthropological campaign, in a south Columbus (OH) cemetery, lasted four weeks. Now, few days after the end of the campaign, we present you our job, purposes and goals. We want to thank all the people who dug there and each supporter and colleague who shared this journey with us.

Online Live Journals

AREA 5000

Today we opened the two new graves in area 5000 already exposed the past days. One of them (US 5074) located in the central western side of the area, is filled by a silty sand layer with a brown coloration full of small rocks and gravel. In the south…

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AREA 1000

Today the individuals USk 1085 has been finished to be exposed and removed. The individual was a woman, 50-60 years old, laying in supine position, oriented NW/SE, in the middle of the western side of the area. Several nails have been found in the…

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AREA 2000

Today in Area 2000 we have exposed the skeletons USK 2107 and USK 2109, both oriented W-E and buried supine in the graves US - 2069 and US - 2083, respectively in the northern and southern portion of Sector B. Both of the individuals are aged, in…

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Area 3000

Today, the newly excavated western section of area 3000 was cleaned during the first hour of the day. Two possible burial features were seen and a small extension of the western excavation was created to investigate. A more friable silty gravel and dark…

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AREA 4000

Today we exposed the whole surface of the big cut US -4058. It has an "L" shape and is visible for 4.7 m North South and 4 m East West; unfortunately we don't have the real extension of the entire feature because it is bigger than the area. At the bottom…

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