After the removal of the skeleton USK 2093 and USK 2095 buried in UUSS – 2061 and – 2055, the Sector A has been closed and we focused on the graves in Sector B. In particular, we started to excavate the fills UUSS 2070, 2074 and 2089, inside the cuts UUSS – 2069, – 2073 and – 2088. In US – 2073, immediately to the south of US -2069, it has been exposed the remains of probably an young man of about 25-30 yers, buried supine and oriented W-E. The skeleton is really good preserved, with the skull in upper view,the arms both flexed on the abdomenand the lower limbs extended; in the middle of the hands we find a metal circular botton. In US – 2069 we are exposing the skeleton of probably an old woman, with the skull in lateral position, with the face looking to the south. In US – 2088, the removal of the upper fill US 2089 has shown a new level (US 2101) made with rocks, gravel and sand, cut by two circular holes (UUSS – 2102 to the west and – 2104 to the east) and their function is still for the moment not very clear.