Today we documented both the skeletons of the infants buried supine and oriented W-E in the south-eastern portion of the area. Before removing the individuals, we completed the skeleton context sheet and we measured the long bones and the total length of each body, that seems to be the same for both, around 40-43 cm. The length of the femurs, around 7,5 cm both for USK 5092 and USK 5094, suggests  an age between the thirty-fifth and the forty week of the gestation. Is it possible that the two infants are linked by a family relationship? During the removal of the skeletons, we continued to work also in the northern portion of the area, where the opening of two new graves revealed the presence of other two skeletons in anathomical connection, a juvenile and an adult, buried both supine and oriented W-E. These individuals will be exposed better in the next days.