Today we finished to remove the infants USK 5092 and USK 5094 in the south-eastern portion of the area and we completed to expose the skeletons USK 5096 and USK 2110. USK 5096, a 15 years old female good preserved, is oriented W-E and she is buried supine in the northern portion of the area, inside a wooden coffin with a rectangular shape. The cranium is on the left side, the arms are slightly flexed, with the hands on the head of the femurs; the legs are extended. Between the feet we found one bronze pin, probably used to close a shroud or a funerary veil in which the body was wrapped. USK 2110 is an adult male oriented W-E and buried supine inside a wooden coffin, now decomposed, originally located in the grave US – 2081. The individual is well preserved, except for the skull, which is fragmented. The upper limbs are slightly flexed on the abdomen and partially crossed; the legs are extended. On the ventral area we found three buttons made of bone and one made of iron on the lowest part of the sacrum. These buttons are related to pants; another fragment of a button made of nacre has been found on the thorax. Tomorrow we will document and remove both of the skeletons.