Introduction to HTCC Excavation Project

Here’s a review of the first results about HTCC excavation project. The archaeological and anthropological campaign, in a south Columbus (OH) cemetery, lasted four weeks. Now, few days after the end of the campaign, we present you our job, purposes and goals. We want to thank all the people who dug there and each supporter and colleague who shared this journey with us.

Online Live Journals

Area 5000

After exposing the skeletons USK 5096 and USK 2110, we completed the documentation through pictures, 3D and skeleton context sheet. After that we have been able to remove the bones and find the limits of the graves. Because of the rain, we spent the late…

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AREA 1000

Today continued the excavation of the burial USk 1085, an adult woman oriented NO-SE, in the middle of the western side of the area. The body looks filled in US 1086, a lime and silt context with small rocks in the texture wich probably was the overlain…

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AREA 2000

Today in Area 2000 we continued to work in Sector B, to expose the skeletons buried inside the graves UUSS - 2069, - 2073 and - 2083. In particular, inside US - 2073 we finished to expose the bones in connection of the skeleton USK 2106, an young male of…

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Area 3000

Due to a lack of visible burial features, the day was spent excavating a smaller western section of area 3000 to more quickly determine the presence of any burials. The section excavated measures 7 m by 2 m by 15 cm and ran along the western border of…

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AREA 4000

Today in area 4000 we continued to lower the northeast corner of the trench. Around lunch we uncovered a long somewhat unclear sandy feature in a more clay based layer. We cleaned the layer to expose the feature and took pictures. We then continued to…

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