Introduction to HTCC Excavation Project

Here’s a review of the first results about HTCC excavation project. The archaeological and anthropological campaign, in a south Columbus (OH) cemetery, lasted four weeks. Now, few days after the end of the campaign, we present you our job, purposes and goals. We want to thank all the people who dug there and each supporter and colleague who shared this journey with us.

Online Live Journals

Area 5000

Today we finished to remove the infants USK 5092 and USK 5094 in the south-eastern portion of the area and we completed to expose the skeletons USK 5096 and USK 2110. USK 5096, a 15 years old female good preserved, is oriented W-E and she is buried…

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AREA 1000

Today the burial USk 1080 has been removed, it was a juvenal individuals in supine decubitus, laying with a West-East orientation, along the northern side of the area. Close to this burial, other two are being investigated, the one filled by US 1062 and…

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AREA 2000

After the removal of the skeleton USK 2093 and USK 2095 buried in UUSS - 2061 and - 2055, the Sector A has been closed and we focused on the graves in Sector B. In particular, we started to excavate the fills UUSS 2070, 2074 and 2089, inside the cuts…

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Area 3000

Continuing from Thursday, using pick-ax, trowels, and shovels, layer 3051 was lowered to expose layer 3052. Layer 3052 contained more clay than the previous layer and was more of yellowish-orange color. The northwest corner of the unit was found to…

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Area 4000

Today we spent the first half if the day lowering the north-east corner of the trench about 30 cm. At this time we also discovered a dark circular feature which could be a post hole within the larger rocky elliptical feature at the bottom of the long…

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