Introduction to HTCC Excavation Project

Here’s a review of the first results about HTCC excavation project. The archaeological and anthropological campaign, in a south Columbus (OH) cemetery, lasted four weeks. Now, few days after the end of the campaign, we present you our job, purposes and goals. We want to thank all the people who dug there and each supporter and colleague who shared this journey with us.

Online Live Journals

Area 5000

Today we completed the exposure of all the three skeletons of the children found in the south-eastern portion of the area. All the skeletons (USK 5087, 5092 and 5094) are oriented W-E and are buried supine inside a small wooden coffin, or a wooden box,…

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AREA 1000

Friday morning started with the leveling of the cut the team made for the excavation of the grave fills 1062 and 1063. The graves were covered with geotextile and then the team started pickaxing and troweling to level the surface around the graves. The…

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AREA 2000

SECTOR A Today in Area 2000 Sector A we began by finishing to expose the bones, defining the coffin line, and cleaning the grave cuts for preliminary photographs. Once the photographs and elevations had been taken we were able to remove these stones and…

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Area 3000

Today, after points were taken, the students began to remove layer US 3050 to expose the next underlying layer, US 3051. Only half of the removal was completed today due to the excessive amount of roots found throughout both layer 3050 and 3051. With…

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AREA 4000

After we exposed the trench for its whole length we decided to dig it, but only in the northern side: in this way we would be able to check the nature of this big cut as soon as we can. At the same time we cleaned the rest of the area exposing all the…

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