Archaeologist for a Day

An outreach program aimed at involving the local community in our field-based projects.

At IRLAB we believe that the true value of our research project lies in sharing our insights on the past with the community at large, ensuring that the lessons we have learned from studying ancient sites and cemeteries are valued and preserved for future generations.

It is in this spirit that we have created “Archaeologist for a Day”, an outreach program aimed at involving the local community in our field-based projects. The goal of the project is to allow interested members of the community to learn about our work in the field and develop an appreciation for the multiple layers that make each project unique.
Participation in “Archeologist for a Day” is entirely voluntary and free of charge for groups smaller than five people at a time. No prior experience is required – if you are interested in learning more about archaeology and the work being done in your community, you are the ideal candidate for this experience!

An Outstanding Experience!

Participants in the program are accompanied on site by a senior staff member, who will start the visit with a general overview of the project, outlining the historical context and the research objectives and significance of the site. After an initial tour of the site and brief explanation of the progress made and the methodology adopted, program participants are welcome to join our team in their daily activities, or simply observe as the excavation progresses. One of our staff members is always present and available throughout the day to answer any questions.

We believe in making the “Archeologist for a Day” experience as unique as each of our participants. We schedule only a person (or small group) to be present on site at any given time, so that they may have an individualized experience, catering to their specific interests. Typically, we schedule “Archeologist for a Day” at a mutually convenient time, ideally when we expect to have relevant finds or special phases of the excavation for the participants to observe.

If you are interested in being an “Archeologist for a Day”, simply contact us and we will work with you to make this experience unforgettable!

What they say about us

Thank you to our former “Archaeologists for a Day” for taking the time to learn about our work, as well as for their insights and support!

Archaeologist for a Day” was an amazing crash course into bioarchaeology and site excavation, as well as providing historical and cultural insights into a group of people I’d never thought about/knew nothing of. I enjoyed the most being immersed in the experience, rather than on the periphery, and sharing the excitement of the students and team. I learned an incredible amount in a one day experience.  I was extremely surprised that the Executive Director and Site Manager were the ones taking the time to explain in detail the goals of the project and the methodology of the excavation, and their passion for the project was inspiring.  Everybody at the site was welcoming.”
Maria Armitage – Columbus, OH

“My experience definitely lived up to the expectations and blew it out of the water with how interesting it was.  Spending time at the site also made me appreciate the project and helped me see the importance of research like this.  I enjoyed the opportunity to actually help out and experience what it was like to be an archaeologist.”
Ethan Armitage – Columbus, OH

“I had a great experience with this project. I felt like I was able to gain a lot from being at the site for only one day. The methods were explained well and it was helpful to hear the supervisors teach, explain, and correct the students.
I felt welcomed and I enjoyed how open the supervisors were about their goals and passions for this project and archaeology as a whole. To hear directly from them was inspiring because their goals had very little to do with their own personal agendas. It was all about giving back information to families and to the community. I was a little apprehensive my involvement with this setting because I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like and how I would fit in. So, to hear that the leaders of this program were motivated by something that I could connect with was enduring and inspiring. ”
Rebecca McGinnis – Kingston, OH