The Closest Thing To a Name

The Closest Thing To a Name

A virtual memorial for the people buried at the Harrison Township Cholera Cemetery (HTCC)

A virtual memorial for the people buried at the Harrison Township Cholera Cemetery (HTCC)

At IRLAB, we believe that the archaeological excavation of cemeteries has the potential to provide important information on the lifeways of past people, to complement historical records with physical evidence, and to ensure that the lessons of the past are not forgotten. Additionally, in all our projects, we aim to recover the past for the benefit of the entire community, and to lead efforts aimed at the restoration and preservation of valuable historical sites.
In particular, we believe the excavation and study of human remains – object of the anthropological sub-discipline known as Bioarchaeology – gives us the unique opportunity to learn from our predecessors even after their death. Indeed, through the examination of the human remains, we are able to develop a biological profile that informs us on an individual’s physical characteristics, activity markers, diet, disease, stress indicators and other life history events.

For neglected individuals in abandoned cemeteries, this biological profile is the closest thing to a name.

As part of our commitment to developing profiles of all individuals buried at HTCC and preserving their memory for future generations, IRLAB professionals have created 3D photogrammetric models for each individual burial excavated at the cemetery.

Interested in learning more about how digital photogrammetry works?

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Click on any of the images/links below to view the photogrammetric models of each burial.

USk 1080

5 year old child

USk 1085

50-60 year old woman

USk 1088

40-50 year old man

USk 2093

30-40 year old woman

USk 2095

40-50 year old man

USk 2107

60+ year old woman

USk 2109

60+ year old man